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Gaining more skills to cushion you as well as open more possibilities

Article written by… Elizabeth Shivinza Have you gotten to the point of questioning yourself, is whatever am doing worth it? am I getting enough credit for it? Now the start of this quagmire is you…..it all starts with how we were programmed the first day we were born. We tend to follow cues from society […]

How to maintain your natural hair during lockdown

Article written by Elizabeth Shivinza With the lockdown taking the best of us I have to say the hair department is not getting some soul food. Since the announcement that we should stay at home life hasn’t been the same with account to my hair. First I outstretched not to mention I overstayed my cornrows […]

Fashion corner

The staple stripped shirt why your closet needs it….. One staple item that shouldn’t miss in your closet, a stripped shirt. Today I will Concentrate on vertically stripped shirts whose design comes in various form some very thin others very bold. Either way as you choose your stripped shirt just know your fashion game is […]

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